Breedlove Guitars now Available at Guitar Haus

Breedlove Guitars now Available at Guitar Haus

Breedlove Sustainability

The most important thing to remember about Breedlove is their commitment to the environment!

Beyond understanding how to turn what was once a living tree into an aesthetically beautiful and tonally balanced musical instrument, Breedlove believes a great deal about where their tone wood comes from. They are very proud to be the world's first instrument manufacturer to eliminate clear cut wood from every guitar they build

“We don't want our guitars to be less destructive to forest ecosystems, we want them to help revitalize and regenerate those ecosystems.”

In short, that means all the wood used in their guitars comes from trees that were removed from their native habitats because they were either already dead, dying, or could be thinned out to improve the surrounding forest health. 

“We don't use trees that were planted as monocultural crops for harvest. We don't use trees from tree farms. When you buy a Breedlove, you can feel absolutely confident that your guitar sounds incredible, looks beautiful, and comes from a forest that's being managed for the long-term health of our global ecosystems.”

Breedlove Unique Features

Breedlove Pinless Bridge - Guitar Haus

1 - "Pin-less" Bridges ("Delta" or "Wing")

  • Allows for easier string changes
  • Reduces time for new strings to settle and stretch
  • Increases sustain and clarity due to increased surface contact with the Top along with less holes

2 - "Sound Optimization" For USA Made

  • Involves Tone "Tapping" for all Tops and Backs analyzed by a Specially Designed Computer Program to determine "Optimal" thickness for the best sound.
  • "Tapping" is done both before and after the Braces and Tone Bars are installed. This not only helps determine the correct thickness for the Tops and Backs to be planed but also how much scalloping is required for the braces and tone bars to reach the "Optimal" Sound for each instrument.

3 - Bridge Truss Support System

  • Now only used on all 12 string guitars and all acoustic basses!
Breedlove Guitars - Guitar Haus

Breedlove Body Sizes

1 - Concert

  • Most popular and versatile.
  • 25.3" Scale Length, 15.37" lower bout

2 - Concerto

  • Largest body size, compares to a “jumbo"
  • Deepest tone, loudest guitar
  • 25.3" Scale Length, 16 “lower bout

3 - Concertina

  • Smaller more “intimate" body size
  • 25" Scale length, 14 ¾" lower Bout

4 - Companion

  • Travel Size, only available in several series, Discovery, Pursuit and Wildwood Pro
  • 23.5" Scale Length, 17 ½" overall Length
American Made Breedlove Guitars - Guitar Haus

USA Made Breedlove

AII USA made guitars feature:

  • LR Baggs EAS Electronics & Pickups
  • Solid woods
  • Hard Shell Cases

1 - Oregon Series

  • Most popular USA model
  • Solid "Myrtlewood" back and sides. (Solid sitka spruce tops on some models).
  • Herringbone body binding
  • Many colors and finishes including, Natural, Bourbon, Whiskey Burst

2 - Premier Series

  • East Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
  • Tops can be Sitka Spruce, Adirondack Spruce or Redwood
  • Mother of Pearl Inlays
  • Finishes include Edgeburst and Burnt Amber

3 - Legacy Series

  • Choice of Cocobolo, Koa or East Indian Rosewood back & Sides
  • Choice of Adirondack Spruce or Sinker Redwood for the Tops
  • Most elaborate detailing and decorative touches

Guitar Haus is an authorized dealer of Breedlove Guitars. You can find our current selection here:

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