At Guitar HAUS, we provide a range of repair and maintenance services for acoustic and electric guitars. Whether your guitar needs repairs due to damage or requires a deep cleaning and detailing, our skilled technicians are ready to address your instrument's needs. In addition to guitar repair, our technicians specialize in making both technical and cosmetic upgrades to enhance your instrument.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Meticulous setups and skilled machine head replacements guarantee your instrument meets the highest musical standards. Opt for our bridge and saddle replacements to enhance the string-to-body connection, enriching both tone and sustain. Additionally, our technicians excel at handling structural repairs to ensure your acoustic guitar maintains its structural integrity.

  • Electric Guitars

    From precise instrument setups to expert machine head replacements, we enhance your guitar's performance to perfection. Trust us for electronic repairs and alterations, ensuring optimal functionality. Experience smooth playability and extended fretboard life with our expert fret services, including meticulous fret dresses and re-fretting.

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