Introducing Paoletti Guitars: Tradition, Innovation, and Tuscan Elegance

Introducing Paoletti Guitars: Tradition, Innovation, and Tuscan Elegance

We're excited to introduce Paoletti Guitars, a distinguished brand from Tuscany, Italy, to our collection. Established in 2005 by the skilled luthier Fabrizio Paoletti, the brand seamlessly blends tradition and innovation in crafting Custom Shop Guitars.

Inspired by the family's winemaking legacy, Paoletti creatively repurposes ancient wine barrels, primarily crafted from centenarian chestnut wood. This distinctive approach imparts a unique and impressive sound to the instruments, showcasing a commitment to both tradition and sustainability.

Each guitar from the Paoletti Custom Shop is a testament to careful craftsmanship, ensuring that every instrument is a unique masterpiece. Initially, we are bringing four different models to our store, and one of them holds a special place – it was played by the talented Matteo Mancuso at the NAMM show 2024 in Anaheim, California.

Paoletti Guitars - Guitar HausPaoletti Guitars - Guitar Haus

Moreover, during the NAMM show, Guitar HAUS was in attendance, and an exciting partnership was formed. We're proud to offer you the chance to explore the fusion of tradition and innovation that defines Paoletti Guitars. Welcome to the world of Paoletti Guitars, where Tuscan elegance meets the artistry of guitar making. Stay tuned for an exclusive showcase of these exceptional instruments in our store.

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