Guitar Haus' First NAMM Visit: 2024 Recap

Guitar Haus' First NAMM Visit: 2024 Recap

Another exhilarating NAMM Show in Anaheim, California has come and gone, leaving Guitar Haus founder, Stan, with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for our curated collection of high-end guitars. This year marked Stan's debut at NAMM, and it was an experience that only reinforced our commitment to the exceptional brands we've chosen to showcase.

While acoustic guitars typically steal the spotlight at Guitar Haus, this year, our focus shifted to the realm of electric guitars. With a deep appreciation for innovation and quality, we eagerly set out to explore the finest electric guitar brands the industry has to offer.


Paoletti Booth at namm 2024

Amidst the buzzing crowds and endless rows of guitars, our quest led us to Paoletti Guitars, a brand with a fascinating story of crafting instruments from centenary wine barrels. Stan's encounter with Matteo Mancuso, a guitarist he deeply admires, sealed the deal, and we proudly brought back a Paoletti guitar played by Mancuso himself at NAMM. Read more.

But the discoveries didn't stop there. A chance meeting with Bacci Guitars introduced us to the world of bass guitars, a new addition to the Guitar Haus family. The acquisition of a breathtaking bass guitar marks a significant milestone for us, expanding our offerings to cater to even more musicians.

Bacci Booth at Namm 2024

During the show, Stan also made sure to connect with the teams representing the brands we already carry like Furch, Lowden, Dowina, and Lakewood. These conversations not only deepened our understanding of the craftsmanship behind each instrument but also strengthened partnerships that align perfectly with our values of quality and excellence.

With over 300 builders in attendance, NAMM served as the ultimate test for our brand selection process. And as we reflect on our experience, we couldn't be more confident in the brands we've chosen to represent. Each instrument in our collection is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing musicians with the very best.

As we bid farewell to NAMM 2024, we're filled with gratitude for the connections made and the inspiration gleaned from this incredible event. Armed with a newfound sense of purpose, Guitar Haus is more committed than ever to delivering top-tier instruments and unforgettable musical experiences to our customers.
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