Custom Acoustic Panels

Studio Acoustic Panels

Redefine your studio's sonic experience with Maison Luxe Acoustic Panels. Designed for high-end sound refinement, choose from two distinct models or opt for a custom-made solution.

Studio Sound Treatment

Framed Acoustic Panels

  • Width: 3.5'
  • Height: 8'
  • Solid Walnut Frame
  • 3lb High-density Foam, 3" Thick
  • French Cleat Mounting System

Studio Sound Treatment

Acoustic Panels

Width: 4' x Height: 6'

Width: 3' x Height: 4'

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Custom Acoustic Panels

Tailor your acoustic solutions by selecting the size, frame material, whether framed or frameless, fabric type, and color. Achieve a studio ambiance that is uniquely yours.

Your vision, our expertise.