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Paoletti Alfa Lounge HSS - 400 Heavy Black Inferno

Paoletti Alfa Lounge HSS - 400 Heavy Black Inferno

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Alfa Lounge HSS - 400 Heavy Black Inferno Drivin' Revolution

 This is the first model of Paoletti Guitars' NEW ERA.


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Matteo Mancuso playing this exact guitar at NAMM 2024:

Guided by the owner and founder, Mr Fabrizio Paoletti, our dedicated team has embarked on a transformative journey, redefining the very essence of Paoletti Guitars' creations' identity. The new Alfa Lounge HSS - 400 Heavy Black Inferno is the product of a restyling vision looking forward to efficiency and innovation, while staying true to our beliefs and heritage.

What makes a Paoletti guitar unique is the careful selection and use of aged chestnut wood, preserved and reclaimed from our old wine barrels. The vibrations that a semi hollow chestnut body generates is one of a kind in frequency, harmony, and offers tonal sustain across the full harmonic spectrum.

This Alfa Lounge HSS - 400 Heavy Black Inferno is equipped with a Canadian Curly Roasted Maple Neck, Vibrato Bridge and Paoletti OEM hardware. Paoletti Pickups are handmade and manufactured 100% in house. Wired to the guitars electronics with a 22 AWG tinned cloth wire. Each pickup is coated with a wax layer to maintain integrity and to protect from any external interference. And best of all, they're built to last! On board of this model , Mr. Paoletti has chosen to feature the iconic Humbucker Rock II and 2 Paoletti 60's – 7.5K Alnico 5. CRL switch and CTS pots, ensure an accurate selection of your desired tone.

The Alfa Lounge guarantees satisfaction for every musician looking to own a real piece of our family's history and for that one of a kind guitar that really stands out from the crowd. By choosing our Italian artisan guitars, you're not only investing in an instrument of unparalleled quality but also contributing to sustainable practices. We repurpose the chestnut wood from old wine barrels, breathing new life into these historical materials and reducing waste.

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