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Savarez 540R Classic Guitar Strings Normal Tension

Savarez 540R Classic Guitar Strings Normal Tension

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This set of Savarez Alliance HT Classic 540R standard-tension nylon guitar strings includes HT Classic silver-wound basses with KF Alliance trebles. If you prefer standard-tension playing feel, then this 540R set is perfect for you. Nylon-string guitar players worldwide depend on Savarez guitar strings for uncompromising quality, great playing feel, and reliablility. Savarez has been making strings since 1770, and the've maintained their reputation for excellence throughout that nearly two-and-a-half centuries of existence. When you want to get the best tones and the most consistent playablity out of your nylon-stringed guitar, choose Savarez strings.

  • Wound on nylon
  • Stiffer and brilliant powerful sound
  • Large overtones spectrum
  • Offer consistant resistance under fingers for a fast response and an easy control

    Model: STANDARD
    Manufacturer: Savarez
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